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Real Estate Mediation Services

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Real estate disputes, especially disputes between neighbors, can be fraught with emotion. With extensive experience Mr. Rockne brings a holistic and creative approach when mediating cases.

Mediation allows parties to maintain control over the process and outcome in their real estate or other dispute. Recognizing that disputes often involve more than legal issues or factual differences, Mr. Rockne enjoys assisting litigants and their attorneys find creative solutions.

Mr. Rockne has mediated on-site, in far away conference rooms and over the phone.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Flexible - Mediation can address more issues and occur before or after lawsuits are filed
  • Private - Mediation is out of court and off the record
  • Self-Directed - Mediation rules are defined by the participants, not the courts
  • Durable - Mediated solutions encourage communication and can result in positive future relations
  • Economical - Mediation is less expensive than trial

Mediation is a cost-effective, creative and swift way to resolve even the most complex and emotionally charged disputes.

How Does Mediation Work?

Both sides in a dispute will have agreed to participate in mediation. They will most often be represented by an attorney. As a mediator, Joseph Rockne serves as a neutral facilitator of negotiations, who engages in “shuttle diplomacy” by moving between rooms to guide the parties toward a workable settlement.

The goal of mediation is to reach a mutually beneficial settlement which is reduced to writing and may be presented to court in lieu of trial.

Mediation can take place at any stage in the litigation process (or prior to the litigation process) and any number of issues can be addressed and resolved. It can take place at a property, in a home or homes, at an office or even through remote means.

The entire process is collaborative and nothing is decided without consensus from both parties.

Mediations are done in safe and confidential atmospheres, so that the parties can be free to discuss their issues and assist in resolving their matters.

If you are looking for an experienced and creative mediator, please contact Joseph Rockne to discuss the suitability of mediation for your matter.


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